Music Therapy

In Calgary Alberta

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Music Therapy for Children & Youth


Music therapy sessions are tailored to promote;  

  • social interaction

  • communication

  • motor skills

  • focus and attention

  • academic concepts 

  • self-expression


Sessions can be arranged in 

  • Daycares, preschools, schools 

  • Community settings like day programs playgroups, clubs 

  • private residences


Individual sessions provide opportunities to work on personalized goals. Music therapists work with caregiver/ family and multi disciplinary team members to ensure specific goals for the whole child are incorporated into sessions. Music making as a therapeutic tool can be very motivating for individuals, as the task is exciting and fresh!

Group sessions provide opportunities to develop social interaction and awareness through activities such as turn taking, group jamming, duet playing or project creation. Group music therapy can be motivating to work on specific goals while creating positive and successful experiences with others!

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Music You

Individual sessions for a single participant.

A weekly 45 minute session for 10 weeks.

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Music Mates

A group music therapy program for children and youth in school settings for 2-8 participants.

45 minute sessions each week for 10 weeks.


 Music Therapy for Older Adults

Music therapy sessions can promote wellbeing in social, psychological and physical domains. 



by increasing involvement, providing opportunities for meaningful communication and decreasing feelings of isolation and loneliness. 



by facilitating awareness and reality orientation, increasing alertness, improving mood/ emotional states, reducing aggressive behaviors and assisting with reminiscence. 



by providing mild exercise, motivating fine/gross motor skills, maintaining range of motion, assisting with relaxation and distracting from pain and discomfort.


Music You

A personalized and meaningful music experience uniquely tailored for an individual. Often with the goal of promoting social connection, emotional support, self expression and reminiscence.

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Music Memories

A program which focuses on social interaction between participants while also providing cognitive stimulation, reminiscence, self-expression and building a sense of community.

Themes are explored through song, visual aides, instruments, and discussion. Creating a successful and meaningful experience for all group members is a priority.

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