Mr. Pumpkin


I love Halloween songs!!

However, because I work with 2.5-5 year olds with varying abilities, I find some children get scared easily this time of year. I find I keep coming back to this simple activity because its a cute (non-scary) way to use a pumpkin.

A big goal area for many of my students is to label and identify body parts. This song works on that, as well as turn taking and social awareness. 

I love to bring in a REAL pumpkin to pair with this song.

A few years ago, I found a Mr. Potato head set specifically for pumpkins! (The one on the right was the closest I found to my set) 

I’m sure any Mr/Mrs Potato head kit would work and I've also seen them at the dollar store before too.

Since this is 'Adapt a Freebie'- I found this freebie for you!

You have to sign up to get the file, but it’s well worth it since there’s a couple of different sizes and lots of pieces to choose from! Laminate and add some tape to the back and you can use a pumpkin as well. 

When I do this activity with my students, I give a body part to each student. I ask them what they have or to point to the part on their own face. Then I instruct them to wait until they hear their body part in the song. When they hear it, they come to the pumpkin and put the piece on. 

Song Lyrics

Mr. Pumpkin, Mr. Pumpkin

Where are/is your _____ today? 

Mr. Pumpkin, Mr. Pumpkin

Who has your ____ ?

The student with the body part stands up, comes to the pumpkin and puts it on. Things can get a bit wonky here so, sometimes I use a mirror if students need help getting the placement correct.

Also! I love using the WHO question at the end of the musical phrase. This encourages students to look at their peers and see who might have the right body part and shout out their name!

At the end of the song, I sing:

Mr. Pumpkin, Mr. Pumpkin

What a silly face you have! 

Mr Pumpkin, Mr. Pumpkin

I can make one too! 

A fun way to end the song and gives the students a positive example of what being silly is :)