Mama & Baby

I don’t know about you, but my students love songs with animals… especially BABY animals! So cute!

A couple of years ago, I was providing music therapy for a little guy practicing bilabial sounds ‘M, B, P’. He was working on repeating the sound in a word, so the SLP recommended using words like ‘mama, papa, baby’.

I wanted to create a song for him which focused on these words and also had a lot of repetition and slower rhythm for him to practice. I thought a call and response song would give him a model of the word and then opportunities for him to repeat it back.

The song Day-O: came to mind because of it’s repetitive structure. I simplified it even more from this version and changed the lyrics. I had this cute little visual from Tot Schooling: in my Pinterest just waiting for some attention :)

Since then, I’ve used this activity in many other ways. One example is task completion. I set out 3 baby animals and the student must wait for me to sing the song, hold out the mama animal and then they place it with the baby picture.

I have also used this activity as a social game. In larger groups, I give some children the baby animal and some children the mama. Then as we sing each animal, the two children with the animals stand up and find each other. They love reuniting mama and baby!