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I am accredited music therapist (MTA) working in early learning programs geared for children with communication and speech delays.

Using visuals is such a vital part of this program!!

This has led me to create a ton of visuals to go with all of my songs and activities.

I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with visuals!

I LOVE providing a visual component to my songs, as I can see how visuals provide a concrete example of language many kids need.

I HATE finding visuals. It’s time consuming and I have spent hours searching for the right photo on google. (If this is you, I highly recommend Lesson Pix- it’s an affordable option for classroom visuals and their music section keeps growing :)

Along the way, I also discovered many amazing visual ‘freebies’ on different blogs and Pinterest. I love ‘freebies’ because the visuals are already created in one place and (obviously) they’re free!!

Add a heading-2.png

I have adapted some simple songs to go with the freebies I have found!

My hope is that these activities with accessible visuals will be helpful not only to other music therapists, but to teachers, EA’s, SLPs, OT’s, parents etc..

Each month I’ll share a simple song, the visual ‘freebie’ link and directions for how I use the activity.

A a low prep activity to use right away with the little people in your life!

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